Welcome to Kelvernia!

It’s a world of men against men; full of bandits, cutthroats, sell-swords, murderers, decadent nobles, evil priests, and mad sorcerers. Savage beasts and bizarre creatures from forgotten times lurk in the wild places and those who travel unawares through the wilderness seldom return. It’s a world of gods, where powerful churches vie for influence among the kingdoms and vile cults lurk in the shadows.

It’s a world of warriors. Where men of iron and women of steel live by their sword arms and their wits. Seeking their destinies with thundering hooves and blades red with blood. It’s a world full of mercenaries, free adventurers, barbarians, soldiers, bravos, and more.

It’s a world of thieves. Full of tomb robbers, assassins, pirates, cutpurses, bandits, and spies. These men (and women) would rather take than earn. They slip through the shadows, hide in the trees, and dissemble in disguises as they pilfer, seduce, poison, and knife their way through the world.

It’s a world of dangerous magics. Sorcerers spend their lives seeking lost knowledge to further their arcane arts. A world where power-hungry mages enter dark pacts with infernal powers and mad priests channel the powers of the gods.

It is a world of adventure. Battles are fought, plots exposed, fortunes found, fortunes made, fortunes lost, far lands seen, and foes defeated.

Kelvernia: A Dungeon Crawl Classics Campaign

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