Kelvernia: A Dungeon Crawl Classics Campaign

Session 0

Start of Funnel

The would-be heroes (all 16 of them) learned of the portal that appears in the standing stones outside Tambrake when the stars are right. Seizing the day (evening?), they picked up what supplies they could and (literally) headed for the hills.

They made it to the stones and found the portal without trouble. {PC Name} eventually figured out that the crystals need to match the sky outside the portal, but not before {PC Name} got blasted after trying to smash a crystal off the door.

The room beyond held a door and four spear-wielding iron statues in armor. {PC Name} the wainwright took a running start and shoved his haycart (tied by a rope for easy retrieval) into the room. Two spears flew and one impaled him. Tierza the Grave Digger tried to use the cart as a “turtle” to scoot into the room underneath it. The next two spears flew and pierced the wagon. Tierza was killed, but now the statues had all shot. The characters collected the statues’ armor, helms and spears. They also had redistributed the fallens’ loot amongst each other.

The next room was much larger and held a 30’ statue pointing its finger at them. It rotated to follow people as they moved about the room. When someone tried to exit the room, a blast of fire came from the statue’s hand. Two characters got singed, but stayed on their feet. Wilfred (Miller-Baker extraordinaire) stole a funeral “monkey mask” from the alcove room with the bones and fled when they started to rattle. He promptly put it on and tried to command the statue. Nothing happened.

{PC Name} climbed the statue and lashed a rope to its arm hoping to immobilize it. It slowed the turn enough for a someone to exit the room without getting hit, but then the rope snapped (had been lashed to the iron statues in previous room. Eventually, the statue appeared to have run out of ammo. By then the characters were scattered through different doors.

One group met a horned snake in some sort of throne room. {PC Name} hurled a sling stone at it but missed. Ssisssuraaaaggg punctured his throat and he died. Landra picked up the dead squire’s sword in panic and went in swinging, carving a chunk out of the reptile’s hide. A few strikes later and the snake was dead, its body collapsed into dust, except for its horn, which glowed faintly for a few pulses then was still. It appeared covered in weird runes, so they kept it. They spent a few minutes looking at the clay tablets on the walls and searching the throne, but moved on fairly soon.

Another group went back to the burial chamber and got the less-rusted axes and chainmail, and crushed one chattering skull in the process.

One group encountered the crystal statues, but since they seemed more mesmerized by the light than interested in combat, no fight broke out. The group left the crystal men in a corner, staring at a lit torch. {PC Name} and {PC Name} began to pry crystals out of the bottom of the pool. Soon after, they could see it was leaking. The other groups of characters joined them soon after. They discovered a spiral staircase in the far right corner, but have not yet descended.



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