Shekki the Mirthful

Archer, or maybe just a jester with an arch sensibility


Alignment: Neutral
Level 1
XP: 17
Speed: 30

Strength: 11
Agility: 18
Stamina: 13
Personality: 13
Luck: 11 (original score at level 1 was 10)
Intelligence: 10

HP: 15
AC: 18 (chainmail armor)

Initiative: 1d20 + 4 (per house rule, not treated as 2-handed weapon)
Action die: d20
Attack/deed die: d3
Crit die: d12
Crit table: III
Critical threat range: 19-20
Lucky weapon: longbow

Longbow, longsword, javelins (7), handaxe, dagger

Prefers longbow for combat
In melee, fights two handed with longsword and handaxe

Chain mail, iron helmet

rope, backpack, chalk, hammer, 10 rations, 7 torches, 4 flasks, 3 large sacks, 3 small sacks, flint and steel (plus some other basic stuff I need to fill in once I have my character sheet in front of me)


Shekki the Mirthful

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