Cramond: In many ways, Cramond is a typical “fantasy kingdom” with a western european feel. There are castles and forests, rivers and lakes, lords and ladies, knights, bandits, wizards, and the occasional monster. It is a large, agrarian nation. The capital city is Zaporta, and it is ruled by an elderly queen with grown twins (brother and sister) as heirs. The queen has named neither as her official successor yet. The land is divided into three duchies, with vassals under them.

Cramond is on a large peninsula that straddles the Middle and Eastern Seas. The extensive coastline and rivers allows for ample fishing and shipping, but Cramond is largely an agricultural nation. Most of what Cramond produces is not exported, but used domestically to sustain its large population. There are also some small mining operations in the mountains; mainly iron and tin.

Cramond is organized along feudal lines. The crown rules Cramond, which is made up of three large duchies: Zaymod (seat: Tunbar), Kivurra (seat: Lem), and Larsa (seat: Staros). Each of these duchies are further divided into various estates, counties, and baronies. Zaymod covers the southern tip of the peninsula. Kivurra lies to the northwest, between the Panar and the Rabine rivers. Larsa is east of Kivurra and stretches to the eastern borders of Lossara.

The kingdom is currently having “border trouble” with its western neighbor, Jerimet. Such disputes happen occasionally, but the two countries have only rarely come to blows over it.

The Church of Dobrus is the recognized faith in Cramond. Folk worship and the like is discouraged, and occasionally a “heretic” gets run out of town (or even beaten), but the crown does not go so far as to declare the Church the “official” religion of Cramond. It was until about fifty years ago, when a schism between the crown and the priesthood caused a severing of ties. The church keeps hoping to reverse this.

There is an excellent university in Zaporta, full of sages and other experts. Many come here seeking knowledge. Answers can be had, for a price.

The northern edge of Cramond holds the Spear Mountains, which is home to the largest known dwarf population. They consider themselves autonomous and resent human encroachment on their territories. That doesn’t stop some human miners from trying to exploit the veins of gold and iron to be found there, though.

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