The elven people pre-date humanity. Never numerous, they were slaughtered in great numbers by the Sulati, who despised all non humans. Now those that are left mostly reside in deep forests or near the sea on remote coastlines or islands.

Deeply magical, the elves boast a long sorcerous tradition. They are powerful spell-weavers and over the centuries forged many pacts with demons and the like.

Elves are formidable warriors. They are skilled in many forms of warfare. They also craft swift ships and plow the waves with them, most around Theris Ka.
Elves and Bronze

(For game purposes, when the core rules refers to elves and ‘mithril’, in Kelvernia it refers to bronze.)

The elves are ancient and fey creatures. It is said that because of the fairie blood, the touch of iron pains them. It also dampens the use of magic. As a result, elvenkind uses bronze for their tools, arms, and armor. Centuries of perfecting their craft have made them masters of casting and working the metal.

In game terms, elven bronze carries the same statistics as ferrous-based equipment, but is far less common outside of elven lands. Human-made bronze weighs 1.5 times as much as steel or iron versions of the same item, but costs the same. Elven bronze items cost 2x as much as their ferrous equivalent in elven lands and whatever the market will bear in human or dwarf lands (3x +).


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