For the Players

The heroes of DCC and Kelvernia are cast in the molds of Conan, the Gray Mouser, Elric, and Cugel rather than Frodo or Lancelot. Combat is brutal, weirdness abounds, and you can’t always count on every encounter being “fair.”

Characters start out very weak. That’s why you get several! On the other hand, once they start leveling up, they are much more powerful than their counterparts of similar levels in other systems. For instance, a 10th level DCC warrior is nigh-epic in his combat abilities.

Spell casters are very scary people. Magic is a wild, unpredictable thing and is not used lightly. Priests risk the disfavor of their gods if they are too casual about their magic and wizards can find themselves corrupted by the very power that makes them exceptional. The quest for new spells is a major motive for wizards.

The campaign starts in Tambrake, a typical village east of Lem in Cramond. The characters are every day sorts of people with bigger dreams than the little town can fill.


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For the Players

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