All PCs speak the Common Tongue. It is a much-altered dialect of the vernacular used by the old empire and the native language of Cramond, Jerimet, and Tyros.

Human Languages

Old Sulati is still spoken in that nation by many natives, but most who deal with foreigners use Common. Sulati sometimes call Common “New Sulati,” but no one from other lands would do so. It is the language of the old empire and many ruins and ancient texts are written in this tongue.

Tolkati is the language of the northern barbarians. Few of the Tolkati are literate, but there is a crude pictographic set of symbols used to convey simple ideas.

Lossaran is the language of the horsemen of the steppes.

Argantan is spoken by the southern pirates.

Demi-Human Languages

Fey is the language of the elves. It is said that other creatures, like dryads and forest sprites speak it as well. It uses a flowing scripts of ornate characters.

Ulthar is the language of the dwarves. Their written form is one of angular runes. Each dwarven clan is said to also have a secret dialect known only to them.

Halflings live almost exclusively in the lands that use Common as their native language.


Malag is a guttural tongue used by goblins and their ilk.

There are more languages besides these, but they must be discovered during play.


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