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Nations of Kelvernia

  • Cramond: A traditional monarchy.
  • Jerimet: Up & coming recent dynasty. Territorial ambitions.
  • Tyros: Plutocratic sea traders, run by a wealthy oligarchy.
  • Lossara: Steppes with semi-nomadic horse tribes. ¬†
  • Tolkati: Northern barbarian lands.
  • Arganta: An arid land whose coastal towns boast brave sailors.¬†
  • Glaw: Mysterious, almost mythical forest lands.
  • Sulat: A fallen empire that once terrorized most of Kelvernia.


Other Races

At its peak, the Sulati Empire ruthlessly hunted down and attacked Kelvernia’s demi-human populations. Even today, their numbers show the results of this genocidal policy. While they are far from extinct, demi-humans are quite uncommon in human lands. Elves are mostly found in the remote, wooded areas of Jerimet and Cramond; dwarfs are primarily from the Spear Mountains; and halflings live in remote farming¬†communities.


Main Page

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